Katie's Story

Skin condition: Eczema (dyshidrotic eczema) & Contact Dermatitis
Prominent Location: Hands, Feet & Eyes
Trigger: Dairy, Seasonal Changes, Pollen

Katie has had eczema for as long as she can remember. She said she was the kid who would run through fields, climb trees and splash in puddles but then break out in a red rash.

Instagram account: @mackies_moments

“I will always prioritise good memories over the ‘what if’ my skin explodes thoughts"

“I’ve always had super sensitive skin but overall, I don’t remember my eczema majorly affecting me until I started going through puberty. I would try to hide my eczema with foundation as I would get embarrassed in PE – a terrible idea, it burns so badly”.

“The overthinking and fear of other people's comments and stares means it’s safe to say that eczema has affected me more than just the pain it causes me physically. Many people aren’t very understanding, which made me very self-conscious when I was younger”.

In 2017, Katie experienced her first ever bout of dyshidrotic eczema and really began to struggle with flare-ups on her hands, feet, and body. Katie turned to Epaderm and said this is when she started to notice the difference which made her fall in love with the brand.

“I use Epaderm Ointment to cleanse makeup off my skin when it’s dry. I swear by it for helping repair my skin barrier and helping my eczema heal quicker. Epaderm’s products help me function by helping rehydrate and calm flare-ups, particularly my hand flare-ups that can be debilitating.”

“One thing I’ve loved about Epaderm’s ointment in comparison to other products is how quickly it absorbs into my hands and doesn’t leave them with that greasy feeling that other emollients do.

Throughout the years, I always felt like I had to hide my skin as I felt self-conscious of it. From wearing long sleeves in the summer, to the foundation on my legs in PE, to missing nights out, it’s safe to say eczema has always been a massive trigger of anxiety for me. But I am happy to finally be in a place of peace and understanding of my skin condition.”

Katie's Top Tips

I find using moisturisers, like Epaderm, then icing my skin is a great combination to reduce inflammation whilst rehydrating my skin.

I’ve also cut dairy out of my diet after noticing a correlation between eating it and itching, this has made a huge difference.

To be honest, I’ve finally found my happy balance where I know 99% of the time, I can correlate a flare to a trigger, so I feel I have more control, other than those nasty seasonal change flare-ups.

Epaderm Ointment 125g

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