Kane's Story

Skin Type: Eczema
Prominent Location: Elbows, Knees
Trigger: Diet, Sweat, Stress, Alcohol, Allergies,
Tattoo Needles, Medication

Kane has had eczema since he was a young child. Here, he shares his “vivid” memories from primary school, and what it’s like trying to navigate the murky world of moisturisers for men with eczema.

“It’s just a relief to find that it works”

“My most vivid memories of eczema are of being at school,” says Kane. “I remember being unsure what it was. But I knew that if I was really active, and I’d sweat in the crease of my arms and legs, it would flare up.”

His school uniform didn’t help. As well as the synthetic fabrics irritating his skin in winter, his summer uniform made his eczema more noticeable.

“In school they don’t really have any filter, being kids. So people would point it out, like, ‘Eugh, what’s that?’ And they don’t mean anything by it, but it makes you feel really self-conscious about it.”

Kane’s eczema went away in his teens. But then returned a few years ago – ironically, while he was being treated for another skin condition.

“I was on Roaccutane for acne,” he explains. “It really dries your skin out. So then my eczema flared up again.”

So it was time to find a moisturiser that could help.

“Even nowadays, you don’t see many advertisements for eczema cream, or even just any sort of moisturiser for men,” says Kane.

“If you do, it’s like ‘MEN! 6 in 1 cream.’ It doesn’t really target eczema or damaged skin. It’s got so many different chemicals and fragrances. I wouldn’t want to add to the problem. So it’s like, what can I use?”

Kane tried a lot of household name creams as a child, but didn’t truly find relief until discovering Epaderm.

“It’s just a relief to find that it works,” he says. “It’s like a weight off your shoulders, because it takes away the redness, it takes away the swelling, it takes away the itchiness – and it really just tames it down.”

Today, using a combination of Epaderm Ointment and Epaderm Cream is part of Kane’s everyday life.

“10-15 minutes before I get in the shower, I’ll put a healthy serving of the ointment on the inside of my elbows,” says Kane. “I let that soak in, and then get in the shower.”

“Putting Epaderm on before I get in the shower, before I go to bed, before I go out, it’s really just part of my routine,he adds. “The redness, swelling, hives, everything, sort of goes away.”

Kane’s Words of Wisdom

“I think if I could go back and speak to my younger self about eczema,” he muses, “it would be just like…sometimes you can’t help it. There’s no overnight cure for it. I mean, there’s no cure full stop, really.”

“Being a kid, you’re really impatient and you want it to be done and over with. But that’s not going to be the case. But there is help. There are things that can see it off momentarily or help with the irritation.”

“The best thing is just consistency. Taking care of it. Applying your creams and ointments every day and every night. You’ve just got to stick at it.”

Epaderm Cream 50g

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[i] Talkhealth MyEczema Patient Support Programme survey, July 2018, National Eczema Society, http://www.eczema.org 

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