Elle's Story

Skin Type: Eczema 

Prominent Location: Face, Body

Elle, has had eczema ever since she was six-months old and said there were times growing up where she would actively try to avoid social situations.

Instagram Account: @lifewithellejayne

"My bag is prepped with my mini skincare first aid kit fit to serve any occasion and ensure I can always prioritize fun with comfort."

Eczema has impacted my social life as there have been times that I have just wanted to hide away and not mix with people or join in any social events. It can make you feel isolated at times as it can create a new level of anxiety or can lead to overthinking. This happens to me before I leave the house if I do go to socialise. I must make sure I’ve got everything that I need like my creams or anything that might help if I have a flare-up. I can panic a little if I leave the house and have forgotten to take my cream with me.”

My skin condition can make me feel very lonely and isolated from people as I don’t like to mix when my eczema is bad. I can get depressed by it when it stops me from doing things and when I'm covered head-to-toe in red broken skin that’s constantly itchy. I even try to avoid looking in mirrors when my skin is bad as it makes me feel worse".

Eczema affects 1 in 10 adults and 1 in 5 children in the UK, according to the National Eczema Society. Research conducted by Epaderm found that Just over a quarter of people surveyed (27%) say their skin condition makes them feel anxious, 18% say it makes them feel depressed and 16% say it makes them feel helpless. More so, comments such as: ‘What’s wrong with your skin’, ‘It’s only dry skin’ or unhelpful tips such as ‘just stop scratching’ contribute to the frustration and anxiety felt by those with dry skin conditions. 17% have received hurtful comments from strangers, 14% from a partner and 10% from a parent.

"I used the Epaderm Ointment along with bandages for wet wraps which would help build my skin barrier when I was younger. More recently, I have been using the Epaderm Cream after being recommended by lots of friends that I’ve met through the eczema community, and this has really helped improve my skin by keeping it moisturised."

"Epaderm has helped to reduce the redness which is a great confidence booster especially when I’m out and about because my eczema can make me feel self-conscious.

There is no set time as to how long it takes my skin to heal, it can vary from a day or two to over a week. The best thing that helps is to cover my body in Epaderm cream and put the bandages on as this helps to soothe my skin and acts as another skin barrier to help it heals".

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