Denisa's Story

Skin Type: Atopic Eczema
Prominent Location: Hands,
Face, Eyelids, Elbow creases
Trigger: Stress, Sweat, Pollen, Weather, Allergies

Growing up in a small village in Czech Republic, Denisa’s eczema started getting worse when she moved to the UK as an adult. Here, she tells us about finding Epaderm, and what it means to find acceptance for yourself.

“Your skin doesn’t define you.”

“I was born with eczema – atopic eczema,” explains Denisa, “but I don’t have many memories until two or three years ago. That’s when it started getting bad.”

As her condition was under control during her childhood, Denisa didn’t realise that certain symptoms could be signs of her eczema flaring-up again. “Like having red eyelids – I always thought that was just me! Then I went to a dermatologist and she was like “That’s eczema.” So things slowly started adding up, and I realised they probably weren’t normal.”

After moving to the UK, Denisa’s symptoms took a turn for the worse.

“When I was at my lowest, it was on my hands, my face – I couldn’t sleep. It’s stressful and it affects your life more when it’s visible, and it affects your mental health.”

Denisa managed to get an appointment with a dermatologist, but would need to wait four painful months to be seen.

“But then one night I was like, that’s it. I was crying. I was bleeding. It was disgusting, uncomfortable.” Her eczema had become infected, and she decided to book an emergency private appointment. She was seen within two hours. “It was costly, but they offered me all the options – hydrocortisone cream, photo therapy, injections. It was just a relief at that moment.”

Once the infection and the worst of the flare was under control, Denisa needed something she could use to manage her eczema in the longer term.

“I don’t even remember the exact moment when I found Epaderm, but I believe I saw it on someone’s Instagram, who was going through Topical Steroid Withdrawal, and I’ve been using it since then. It just works.”

“My skin is very dry – I need something that
hydrates but absorbs quickly. So Epaderm Cream, for me, is amazing. It just really works for my skin. I have the little pot, and I take it with me on my travels.”

Denisa also likes to use Epaderm Ointment for trickier skin days: “When I know a flare up is coming I just cover myself in it!”

“It was really helpful when I had an infection of a really bad flare up back in October. So I would just put a layer of that on, then gloves – I was wearing gloves 24/7. And it just calmed it down a little.”

“Also, sometimes when I travel, I use it instead of my cleanser. It's multi use!”

Denisa's Words of Wisdom

“Don’t let your skin define you,” she advises. “I know it affects you. It might affect your daily life, your daily functioning, but you shouldn’t let it.”

For Denisa, maintaining her mental and physical health is the key to this. “When I had the flare up,” I still went to yoga because it just kept me sane, even though my hands and my face were burning.”

“[My eczema is] a part of me, it will probably always be there. There are better days, there are bad days, but I know what works for me. I know what triggers it.”

“So as long as you
find a balance and the routine, I believe you can live a good life.”

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[i] Talkhealth MyEczema Patient Support Programme survey, July 2018, National Eczema Society, 

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