Stella & Nova's Story

Skin Type: Eczema (both) and Topical Steroid Withdrawal (Stella)
Prominent Location: Whole Body (Stella), Hands, Feet (Nova)
Trigger: Hormones, Stress (Stella) Eggs, Dairy, Nuts (Nova)

Mum Stella and Daughter Nova have shared their eczema journey together since Nova was just four weeks old. Here, Stella tells us about the trauma of TSW, Nova’s bath time routine, and why Epaderm has always been their go-to product.

“Finding Epaderm really helped to improve our whole routine. It’s made our life easier.”

“Nova’s had eczema from about four weeks old,” explains Stella, a fitness instructor and mum of three. “She also has anaphylaxis, which we found out a little bit later. And sometimes that irritates her skin.”

So we use Epaderm to calm down any redness or dryness, any irritation, and it works wonders for all of those different reasons.”

As for Stella, she hadn’t had eczema since she was a child. But then, after the hormonal changes of stopping breastfeeding, she suddenly had a flare-up.

“I was given quite strong steroids,” she says. “I was on them for a period of time, and after stopping them I went into a full body flare. Never had anything like that before in my life. Bright red, like sunburn, everywhere. Red hot, stinging, burning.”

After doing a bit of research, Stella realised her symptoms matched those of Topical Steroid Withdrawal, or TSW. “It’s a bit controversial, but all the symptoms listed are exactly what I went through. The wet skin, the irregular body temperature, the swelling, oedema, of the feet. It was quite a traumatic time. Very, very difficult.”

Stella and Nova tried a “whirlwind” of products to help with their conditions, but all of them seemed to irritate Nova’s sensitive skin. But then they found Epaderm.

“First application, she said ‘Oh Mummy, this doesn’t sting!’ It was amazing,” says Stella. “And I found it helped to relieve the tightness, soreness and burning sensation that I experienced.”

Now, Epaderm Ointment is the cornerstone of their bedtime and bath time routines.

“I apply it quite liberally, just to build a barrier for the bath and lock in the moisture – even on the parts where she doesn’t have eczema.”

“And even though she’s covered, it’s not too slippery in the bath. It just melts away. And we found that we only have to apply minimal moisturiser after, because the formula is just kind of enough.”

“It’s been working for us wonderfully.”

A few years on, Stella and Nova take a pot of Epaderm with them wherever they go, just in case of irritation.

Stella also uses it to help protect her skin while she’s teaching fitness classes. “Before, I’d have irritation after teaching. The sweat would just sting.” Now she applies moisturiser first to help calm things down. “It’s a really nice barrier."

“It was a long, long journey before we found Epaderm,” Stella concludes. “But it works well for both of us. Epaderm is our go-to product.”

Nova's Bath Time Routine

  • Coat the whole body in Epaderm Ointment, to lock in the moisture
  • Jump in the bath and have a play! Then watch the product melt away
  • When you’re ready to get out, use a flannel to gently rub away any leftover ointment
  • Jump out of the bath, dry off, and apply Epaderm Cream
  • Now you’re ready for bedtime

Epaderm Ointment 500g

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Epaderm Ointment is a 3-in-1 emollient suitable for all ages, including babies. Clinically proven to manage dry skin, Epaderm Ointment helps support and restore the skin's natural barrier function.
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Cetomacrogol Emulsifying Wax BP. (contains Cetostearyl Alcohol and Macrogol Cetostearyl Ether 22), Yellow Soft Paraffin BP., Liquid Paraffin Ph. Eur.

Do not use if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients listed. If your condition worsens or you experience any undesirable effects, stop using Epaderm cream and discuss with your health care professional. For external use only. Avoid contact with the eyes. Do not use if the seal is broken or after the expiry date. Keep out of the reach of children. Fire Hazard. Do not smoke or go near naked flames; clothes & bedding with this product dried on them can catch fire easily.

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