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What is wet wrapping?

Wet wrapping is a technique used to treat moderate to severe skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It involves wrapping the affected area with wet bandages over applied emollients. The wet bandages can help cool the skin, relieve inflammation, itching, and soreness, and provide protection from the itching and scratching cycle so that skin gets a chance to heal properly. Wet wraps can be applied at home. There are different methods for wet wrapping, but the basic technique is:

  • Depending on the area(s) being treated, first soak in a bath with an emollient solution, such as Epaderm Ointment.
  • Then apply an emollient liberally to the area(s).
  • Soak bandages in warm water and then wrapped or apply over the top of the area(s).
  • If needed, apply dry bandages over the top of the wet bandages to protect clothing.

Wet wraps are often used for a few days until the redness, swelling, and weeping has settled down. To maintain results, emollients should continue to be applied frequently throughout the day to the affected areas.

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